Gold Restorative Dentistry


Although there has been much development and advancement in dental restorative materials over the years, gold restorations are still considered the material of choice for many applications. While many patients lean towards tooth-colored materials, gold offers numerous often-overlooked advantages.

Gold Restorative Dentistry

Why Gold?

Considering gold for your dentistry needs? Here’s why it might be the right choice:

  • Conservative: Gold offers strength and durability even in thin applications. Compared to ceramics gold requires less reduction, preserving more of your natural tooth structure. Gold also mimics the properties of tooth structure, making procedures like inlays and onlays a functional alternative to crowns.
  • Long lasting: Dental work faces daily challenges, but gold’s tight seal against the tooth reduces recurring cavities and minimizes stress without affecting your natural tooth’s resilience. It does not discolor teeth, nor does it chip, corrupt, or shrink like other materials do.
  • Safe and Biocompatible: Gold is non-toxic and friendly to the body. It has no mercury and is BPA free. Gold is not absorbed by the body even when eaten.

Ready To Do Less?

Our gold inlays and onlays work in harmony with your natural tooth structure, allowing us to avoid dental crowns when applicable. This preservation approach minimizes alteration of your natural tooth, sometimes discreetly placing the gold restoration out of sight within your smile. Studies demonstrate that gold restorations typically outlast other dental restorations, leading to fewer chips, cavities, and headaches in the future.

The Gold Standard

Considering gold for your dental needs? Our Clarksville dentists at Beechwood Dental can guide you in choosing the right option, be it a gold crown, gold inlay, or gold onlay. Contact us at (812) 282-1773 or message us online to explore how conservative gold dentistry can benefit you.

At Beechwood Dental, our Clarksville dental team is passionate about helping individuals care for their smile for life. Through regular appointments and preventive care, we aim to help you avoid needing any restorative dentistry. Still, there might be a moment in your life when you need restorative dental care. Therefore, our compassionate dentists should be able to identify and treat dental problems early on so that your smile can be repaired before more complex complications arise. Our expertise in caring for smiles means less worry about yours!

If you have a cavity, fracture, or dental damage, do not hesitate to contact our Clarksville, IN, dental office. Call (812) 282-1773 or conveniently message us online so that we can restore your smile.

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