Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with treating the soft tissue inside teeth, known as pulp. When you require endodontic treatment, you may experience throbbing root canal pain, swelling, and temperature sensitivity. At Beechwood Dental in Clarksville, IN, our dental team offers thorough endodontic treatment to remove root canal infection and strengthen teeth after extensive decay.

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What Is A Root canal?

The most common endodontic treatment is root canal therapy. This multi-step treatment involves clearing away infected tissue and strengthening the tooth with an inert material and a dental crown. The root canal procedure aims to relieve pain, protect the affected tooth, and prevent further infection.

During root canal treatment, our Clarksville dentist will remove the inflamed dental pulp and disinfects the insides of the tooth. Afterward, he will fill the empty tooth with special filling material, seal it, and strengthen it with a dental crown.

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When do you need a root canal?

A root canal procedure becomes necessary when infection or inflammation develops in the pulp tissue of the tooth. Pulp tissue consists of blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerve cells — which explains why you might feel intense pain if you’re experiencing a deep dental infection. In time, the pain may go away temporarily. Unfortunately, without treatment, the infection won’t. Neglecting a root canal infection can lead to a dental abscess and may contribute to systemic problems in other body parts.

How do you know when you need a root canal? Sometimes, it’s painfully obvious. Suppose you feel constant and severe pain and pressure in your mouth, noticeable swelling, or extreme sensitivity in your gums. In that case, it’s evident that you should schedule an emergency dental evaluation and treatment as soon as possible. Another telltale symptom of pulp tissue infection is a sharp pain when you bite down on food. Also, lingering pain after eating hot or cold foods indicates potential trouble. If you notice any of these symptoms, you must have an examination as soon as possible so your Clarksville dentist can intervene.

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Do Root Canals Hurt?

While some mistakenly think of it as an excruciating treatment, in most cases, the procedure is no more uncomfortable than getting a filling. It’s one of the most effective ways of relieving deep-tissue tooth pain. At Beechwood Dental, patient comfort is paramount during all procedures, including root canals.

If you’re a Clarksville resident looking for a way to address deep-rooted issues with your teeth, Beechwood Dental can help. Endodontic treatments, like root canals, can be a sure way to save our smile from extraction while addressing damage and infection from tooth decay, an abscessed tooth, or another dental issue that impacts the inner workings of the teeth.

At Beechwood Dental in Clarksville, IN, our staff knows how to diagnose endodontic issues effectively and provides the best possible treatment plans for your needs. We’re committed to helping patients feel relief from their uncomfortable dental problems without delay. So, schedule an appointment with our Clarksville dentists by calling (812) 282-1773 or messaging us online.

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