Tooth Extractions

Though not a favorite procedure, tooth extraction is sometimes necessary for oral health. At Beechwood Dental in Clarksville, IN, we efficiently handle tooth removal. Our experienced team ensures swift, painless extractions from the initial consultation to complete healing. Count on us for adequate dental care, minus the unnecessary stress. Schedule your dental extraction today.

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Why are tooth extractions necessary?

Our Clarksville dentists perform dental extractions when there are no other ways to save a tooth. By pulling a tooth, our dentists can preserve oral health by preventing further infection, intra-oral damage, or misalignment. While tooth extractions are seen as a last resort treatment, some reasons your dentist might recommend pulling a tooth include the following:

  • Baby teeth that refuse to fall out on their own
  • Teeth that are impacted (trapped beneath the gums)
  • Loose or severely decayed teeth
  • Teeth that are fractured or cracked below the gum line
  • Avoiding the need for additional treatment

What happens during a tooth extraction?

At your dental exam, we can understand your oral health status, identify any issues requiring immediate attention, and determine if a tooth extraction improves your quality of life. Additionally, our dentists might strongly recommend x-rays because this type of imaging can provide a clearer picture of tooth infections, damage, and other dental health issues that can cause further issues.

If our dental team deems a tooth extraction is necessary, we can help you make a smooth transition from tooth removal through aftercare. With our top-notch technology, anesthesia, and amenities, your dental extraction process can leave you feeling comfortable and safe.

After ensuring you feel relaxed and secure, our dental team will start the extraction process by providing anesthesia. When the anesthesia kicks in, we’ll use specialized tools to loosen and remove the affected tooth. Finally, our dentists will place sutures to close the wound and ask you to bite down on gauze to stop bleeding. Best of all, our dentists offer plenty of advice on how best to care for yourself post-procedure so that you can take full advantage of your healing journey.

Are you feeling on edge about an upcoming tooth extraction? Don’t worry. Our experts at Beechwood Dental will take care of you every step of the way. They’re experienced, understanding, and compassionate to ensure your dental extraction experience is stress-free. Schedule an appointment today by calling (812) 282-1773 or messaging us online.

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